We were recently on-hand at Southwest Florida’s Earth Dance Festival. One of the performers at the festival was none other than DJ Shortee, one half of super duo Urban Assault and Faust & Shortee. DJ Shortee owns and maintains Heavy Artillery Recordings and we took some time to discuss with her the various aspects of running a label, being a female DJ and much more.

Heavy Artillery Recordings is a digital record label founded in 2006 by Faust and Shortee aka Urban Assault. Originally starting out as a Vinyl Record Label, Heavy Artillery has now evolved to be 24/7 Digital Record label with distribution to worldwide retailers. Named Symphonic Distributions “Label Of The Year” 2011, the eclectic style and sound of Heavy Artillery is one that is found in many DJ crates worldwide. With a staggering list of of over 150 top notch artists and growing, the full assault of bass laden beats keeps coming! Heavy Artillery Recordings and DJ Shortee are special to us because not only are they awesome people that work incredibly hard, but they bust out incredible tunes.

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