It’s official – we have launched our UNZIPPED video series!
Even better, we’re covering our friend
and one of our favorite artists for the first Unzipped video…

The Unzipped videos expose artists in their most unique and raw form. Narrated by the artists themselves, the videos feature musicians on a more personal, intimate level, allowing fans to gain exclusive access into their daily lives and distinct insights on their influences.

So, we are thrilled to feature the remarkable producer and composer, Varien, in the first Unzipped video. Journey through this passionate and talented artist’s day-to-day life in the studio; listen to the stories that define the unique storytelling quality of his music. Varien has always valued connecting with fans through social media, and now you’ll get a more personalized understanding of his perspective on the music industry and the passions that define him.

For the fans who already love Varien, we hope this video will help you get to know him even more. For those who aren’t familiar with the music of Varien, get involved! We hope this video will make you love him and see his music in an whole new way.

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About Varien:
With a genuine love of combining unconventional instruments in a conventional setting, it is no wonder that Varien (Nick Pittsinger, 22) has everyone talking about him. His work has garnered the attention of many, landing a spot on Skrillex’s “Bangerang EP” and getting tens of millions of YouTube views with his originals.

His musical style is a blend of the traditional and the new-school, the organic and the electronic. With a focus on cinematic atmospheres, memorable melodies, and unique instrumentation, Varien draws the listener in and immerses them into another world. He has remixed the likes of Gareth Emery and Rebecca & Fiona, and has had releases on Big Beat, Ultra, Play Me and Monstercat.

Varien also has composed trailers and soundtracks to big budget video games and films that have sold millions of copies around the world. Nick is definitely a diamond in the rough.