We recently chatted to the legendary Max Vangeli about life, music and his future plans. Catch the exclusive interview below.

Congratulations on your new track “DNCE,” featuring Adrien Mezsi. It’s very impressive. What or whom were you influenced by most while you were making this track?
Thank You! Probably thinking of the good old acid days. I love Acid house and wanted to make a progressive version of one for a long time.

You have played at impressive venues all over the world. If you had to choose one club and one festival as your all-time favorites, what would they be?
EDC Vegas was definitely one for the taking, and the old Pacha Ibiza back in the day was incredible!

Is there any city you haven’t performed in yet that you would like to in the future?
Yes! I actually have never played in Japan. Hopefully playing there soon.

You have a very versatile sound that has resulted in other massive collaborations with big names such as Steve Angello and Tiesto. Is there anyone that you would love to work with if given the opportunity?
There are so many out there, I prefer working with songwriters other than producers, only because to me they are the ones that create the true magic. I would say anyone from Coldplay to Queen (if they were still around)! They are all amazing songwriters.

You have also produced an abundance of hits with label mate AN21. It seems that the two of you have had a successful bromance going on for a while now. What would you say is crucial for success when working alongside another artist?
True friendship and passion for music in general. We are very close and that’s why our collaborations are so organic.

CODE RADIO, your popular radio show, is a big part of who you are (and a big part of my workout routine). What do you look for when choosing music to feature each week?
Ahh thank you! I normally just wing it, and play whatever I think sounds dope, but keeping it my style in a way. I honestly don’t have a specific direction; I just do what feels right!

Do you have any plans for touring in the near future so we can hear your new songs, like “DNCE,” in action?
Of course, I’m always on the road touring. Feel free to check out my Facebook fan page for all the upcoming dates!

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