Bass act duo Bare Noize dropped something magnificent just before we all headed off for the winter holidays, and if you missed it, it’s time you caught up. With their sound now progressing into more stripped back, atmospheric territory, we predict a big year for the pair. Check out what they filled us in on when we caught up with them a little while back.

Is there a story behind the creation of “Dire/Reticulum”?

Not really a story as such. “Dire” was written a while ago and we have held out on putting it out for a number of reasons. We definitely wanted to create something that transmitted more of what we are about as producers. Toward the end of 2012 we were feeling pigeon holed, restrained, pressurised, and ultimately headed in an unnatural direction. “Dire” & “Reticulum” feel like unforced, a natural progression – another chapter if you like.

How did the hook up with Pilot come about?

We’ve known Luke (Hood, UKF & Pilot founder) since we started Bare Noize in 2009, his support was a huge help to Bare Noize in the early days and we’ve been in contact ever since. When we started to look for labels and sent out demos we had a mixed response. People expected something different, but Luke and Graham at Pilot completely understood where we were coming from. Their track records speak for themselves, they’ve managed and created amazing video campaigns before and we knew we could trust them to handle everything properly. So when we got the final cut of the video back for “Dire”, we knew there was only one place for it.

Have you had the chance to play either of the tracks out at your live shows? If so, what has the reaction been like?

Actually, we’ve not played either out a great deal. Of late it’s definitely been less shows and more studio, focusing on our musical careers as a whole. So it’s very much still to be seen how the tracks are going to go down, and if people are ready to evolve with us. It’s a very exciting prospect for us as musicians to be able to do it and it feels very refreshing.

Working as a duo, do you ever have conflicting ideas in the studio?

Not really, we built two rooms into our studio so we’ve both got our own areas; it’s important to have individual space to get the best out of our own personal ideas. When we decide what we’re going for then it’s a case of getting it finished up and communicating until we get the result were both happy with. It’s very important to us to represent each others ideas equally, and doing that essentially gives us our sound.

What can we expect from Bare Noize in 2015?

More music, more live shows, collaborations, who knows! We’re just going to keep writing and let the project grow organically and see where it takes us.

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