If you were to listen to the original “No Type” by Rae Sremmurd after this cover, you might not recognize them as the same song.

ASTR slows down this hip-hop track and brings it to life with an electronic sound. This cover will excite people and have dancefloors calling them with its alluring beats and bass.

Hearing female vocals singing “No Type” is a nice change of pace as well, and women may find this cover to be their new anthem. Zoe, one-half of ASTR, creates an empowering track by singing how it’s okay to tell a guy he’s not your type.

ASTR is the combined efforts of Adam and Zoe from New York City. They have previously covered Drake’s hit, “Hold On, We’re Going Home,” which is featured on their 2014 EP release, Varsity.

The duo is currently working on their second EP and will be performing at Ultra Musical Festival and the Governor’s Ball.

“No Type” is available to stream and download from SoundCloud today, and ASTR has offered it as a free download.

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