Tomorrow sees the new single “Bring You Home” from house producer Maarcos lands, through Ultra Music. Featuring the sublime vocals of SunSun, this track is a great presentation of technical prowess from the Melbourne hailing artist. We caught up with Maarcos to get to know his story.

How did you first get involved with electronic music?

I started as a DJ first, back when vinyl was around but starting to be overtaken by CDs (in DJ’ing, not consumer use, I’m not THAT old!). I used to listen to Chemical Bros, Fatboy Slim then Bob Sinclar and Roger Sanchez and got into house music. Then I started to try my hand at producing and it all went from there.

Hailing from Melbourne, what are your thoughts on Melbourne Bounce?

It’s not my thing, but it’s really popular back home which is good to see for the industry. Um, yeah, I think I have my ten foot pole somewhere around here… next question.

What is your main goal to achieve this year with your music?

I really want to continue to innovate, be creative and do great things. I’m currently working on my first album, so it’s really fun right now. It’s allowing me to start with a blank canvas and try all sorts of unique things, and combine them all into a cohesive story at the end of it. It’s the perfect storm of fun/creativity combined with, “Oh sh*t what have I got myself in to?”.

Outside your own genre of music, what do you find yourself listening to and does it find a way into your productions?

I’ll listen to anything, there’s no pattern to what I’ll like. From pop music to bagpipes and drums (yes, I used to be a drummer in a marching band), I get inspiration from everywhere. Of course, I find little things from here or there that make it into my productions. Really excited to hear the new Passion Pit album coming out soon.

Can we expect any collaborations to come in the near future, and who would you most like to work with?

I’m working on a track with Norman Doray for my label Fuze, we just got the vocal in so we are hard at work. I’d like to do something with Axwell because of what you could learn in the studio. I’d also love to get Lana Del Rey on vocals.

Make sure you grab “Bring You Home” when it lands tomorrow. 

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