Electro producer and DJ Far Too Loud has never been known for low key productions. His latest remix, for none other than Zomboy, is an exhilarating ride from start to finish, packing in plenty of unique flavours and zing. We caught up with FTL to get to know him a little better.

What pulled you towards working on this track?

When someone asks “Would you like to remix Zomboy?”, you don’t really say no! The guy is a beast of a producer. This track was picked for me; I didn’t ask for it specifically, but the original track has my favourite drop on the album.

Do you have a set procedure you follow when working on a remix?

Not really, however for remixes with a vocal, one of the first things I’ll try is stripping the music from under the vocal and seeing what other chord sequences I can put under it – for no other reason than it’s fun. You can hear that I did it in this remix.

Apart from this track, what other Zomboy track would you love to get your hands on?

“Patient Zero”. I really love that track, but haven’t played it out so much. Perhaps it needs a little FTL adjustment to go better in my sets.

What can we expect from your original work in the near future?

Right now I’ve got collaborations going on with two of my favourite electro artists, and these will probably be the next releases you’ll see. I’m proper excited to unleash these ones.

What has been your best and worst experience whilst playing live?

I had a bad one this weekend just gone…my first track was cued from the sound desk because they made some visuals specifically timed to it, and I was supposed to mix in my second track and continue from there. I went to mix in my second track and…nothing! They’d forgotten to plug the mixer into the sound system! Always takes a while to get back into the vibe of the set after something like that happens. Had a great one in Toulouse a few weeks ago though, there was a whole circus style cabaret act going on whilst I was playing, every time I looked up there was some mad thing happening…I posted a pic of a guy balancing a security fence on his chin. I love it when events incorporate mad performances like that. Shout out to Pink Vader (pink version of Darth Vader) too…that costume was hilarious!

What do you have planned over the festival season and what would be your dream festival stage to play?

I’ve already got festivals booked in for UK, France, USA and Canada. The stage I’m really looking forwarto playing is the Bang Hai Palace at Boomtown in UK. The Arcadia spider (the most epic stage I’ve ever played!) isn’t going to be there this year and instead they have this new concept, designed by the same guys that make the Tomorrowland stage. Check this out for a taster – http://vimeo.com/117296531

Pick up Far Too Loud’s “Delirium” remix here. 

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