A mere month ago the Aussie three-piece band “Crooked Colours” floored civilization with the iconic and unrefined piece of lethal electronica called “Another Way.” Yet, the end of this single’s enthralling pandemonium still lies beyond the horizon as official remixes of the track surface.

Quite new to the spotlight, with a SoundCloud track record that only dates back a year, Argentinean producer Aszido builds on the song’s legacy with more than seven minutes of minimalistic delight.

Based out of Buenos Aires, Aszido’s brings to the table a stalking deep house that consists of a sparse, but distinct drum pattern, twisting synths and skillfully induced vocal samples, which takes the mind to those secret and riveting underground venues.

Although stripped of its original ground-shattering drops and intense atmosphere, Aszido’s remix of “Another Way” proves to be a deep house remix to be reckoned with.

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