Miami Horror, the indie pop band from down under, have released their second full-length album, All Possible Futures.

The LP emanates with “American Dream.” The track’s mellow vocals and sedative instrumentals create a luminous dream-like quality.

“Wild Motion” is a colorful song with inviting lyrics and a beat consisting of an array of instruments that create a unique blend of rhythms that leave a listener wanting more.

“All It Ever Was” is pure lyrical artistry. The song paints a scene with vibrant imagery and creates a weightless, peaceful feeling with its bouncy, sunshine-filled rhythms that radiate through the speakers.

“Out of Sight” is an electronic indie pop breath-taker with a contagious tempo that will compel you to hit replay, while “Who Is Gonna Save Us” continues that dream-like quality with delicate vocals and an instrumental cluster melody that can put even a tense person at ease.

“Another Rise, Another Fall” is a tranquil single similar to the temperate style of “Wonderwall” or “Champaign Supernova” by Oasis.

Other tracks on the 15-track LP include “Real Slow (Feat. Sarah Chernoff),” “Love Like Mine,” “Cellophane (So Cruel),” “(Into The Night),” “Colours By The Sky,” “(Maybe I Need You),” “Stranger, (Happy Without You),” and “Forever Ever?”

All Possible Futures is available now through Haven Sounds/Dine Alone Records and can be purchased on iTunes.

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