NOISEPRN’s “TV” network is launching a brand new show starting June 3 with the ladies that make up the group Hand Job Academy ! If you don’t know who these ladies are then, you should. I mean for god sakes, NY Magazine even loves them.

Hand Job Academy (or “H.J.A.” for the squeamish) is a Brooklyn-based rap collective formed in 2012, comprising three emcees: Ash Wednesday, Clara Bizna$$, and Uncle Meg (who doubles as the group’s videographer).

Controversial, outspoken, nasty-but-charming, the Academy raps about periods, pop culture, and queerness as well as traditional hip-hop themes of fucking bitches, getting money, and superiority over enemies.

Straddling the worlds of comedy and hip-hop, H.J.A. have shared stages with the likes of Big Dipper, Nicky Da B, and Cakes Da Killa, as well as opened for Janeane Garofalo and Kristin Schaal and multiple appearances on the public access TV program, The Chris Gethard Show.

The girls released “Pop (Tumblr Bitches)” through Tommy Boy Entertainment in mid-2013, but gained more widespread attention via “Shark Week” a track about Aunt Flo’s monthly visit. “Shark Week” was featured on The Cut, Jezebel, Bust, Bullett, and achieved “Lowbrow Brilliant” status on the New York Magazine Approval Matrix.

Get to know Hand Job Academy:

Their show “Do What You Want Always” premieres on June 3. And why is it called that? Simple, it’s the philosophy for this crew, who takes to the streets of NYC and the wilderness of the Internet with their delightfully weird antics. It’s like Jackass knocked up the Kardashians and art school nanny Lena Dunham raised the baby on hip-hop and pop culture. HJA is here to remind you to #DWYWA!!! Stay tuned!