Tomorrow sees esteemed producer and DJ Scottie Deep (brother of Marc “MK” Kinchen) release a pair of vibe-filled remixes through Ultra Music. Deep has taken on Mr. G Sings’ “The Caged Bird Sings”, and has put two very different spins on the provocative track. We decided to go Behind The Bass with Mr. Deep to hear more about them.

How long did this pair of remixes take you to create?

It depends when you start the clock. I started the remixes a while ago, and got stuck as well as busy with my businesses and almost didn’t complete them. When I jumped back in the studio, production took a few days and almost a week just to complete the mixes.

Do you prefer one to the other?

I actually love both of them for different reasons, they are two totally different vibes – but the “NYC 94’” mix gives me Sound Factory and “When Dubs Cry” gives me Shelter.

 What first led you into music as a youngster?

KISS, which was the first concert Marc and I ever attended. From that point everything from Prince to Depeche Mode. We had MTV when it first launched so I to began to understand that there was all this cool music that wasn’t from America, and it became addictive. I wanted to be apart of it.

Would you say where you grew up had a big influence on your sound?

It’s a hybrid of Detroit and New York. Growing up in Detroit was really cool because of how diverse musically the city was. There was a huge punk/new wave, funk/soul and techno movement in the 80’s and when I moved to NY in the early Nineties, that’s when I put it all together. I always loved hip hop, rock and disco; I like to think I have a pretty high music IQ.

Where did the name “Scottie Deep” come from?

I cant remember who it was but they used to say “Scottie’s shit is deep” and there it is…

Do you feel more at home in the studio or behind the decks?

Decks all day long. I started DJing at 16, not only mixing vinyl but reel to reel and doing my own edits of songs so I felt 100% comfortable playing. I started producing at around 18, so not that far off between the two. Lately, I’ve been enjoying producing again, the whole process is absolutely wonderful.

Could you give us one interesting fact about yourself?

I was one of the Wu-Tang producers, aka Goldfinghaz.

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