Tiesto is a man who needs no introduction. The Dutch DJ and producer has been a household name in dance music for decades, and we were lucky enough to get the chance to chat with him about his massive career, the future of EDM and more.

Winning a Grammy was an important step for your career. What does that victory mean for you and for the continuing rise of EDM?
It’s a very special thing for me to win a Grammy, especially because it was such a surprise. I really loved the original and at first gave the remix away for free. So to then win a Grammy for it felt tremendous.   

You’ve become close with young producers like Martin Garrix. Are there any new up-and-comers you feel will take the industry by storm?
Yes, I’m very impressed with artists like Dzeko & Torres, MOTi and KSHMR. They’ve been producing a lot of tremendous music

Out of all of the DJs and producers who have emerged over the last five years, who do you see becoming a staple in electronic music like you have become over the last two decades?
I guess that would be Martin Garrix. He’s extremely talented and has so many intangibles that make for an artist with big time staying power. 

There are many skeptics out there who think EDM is a bubble. What are your thoughts?
I think that conversation started a few years ago and here we are still going strong. I think it’s only natural for tastes to shift, and we’re definitely seeing that to a degree, but this industry is real and thriving. 

Is Ibiza still the go-to or do you agree that Las Vegas is the EDM capital of the world?
Well for me it certainly is because of my residency at Hakkasan and Wet Republic. But on a wider scale, all the big names are playing there regularly and EDC is one of the biggest festivals in the world. So yes, it’s definitely atop the list of EDM capitals. 

What do you think about the state of trance music?
I don’t really think about it. It’s a part of my history and I love trance, but musically I’m not really playing it much anymore. Of course, I will still play my classics though. 

What are your plans for the rest of 2015?
I’ll be spending a lot of time in Vegas for my residency, Festival shows, working on the Your Shot USA competition and releasing new music through my Musical Freedom label. Lot’s of exciting things in the pipeline. 

What is your ultimate goal in dance music? What kind of impact do you hope to make?
Looking back, I would have been very happy to have just made some sort of career out of being a professional DJ. It’s what I wanted to do since first experiencing the power of a DJ back in my hometown. So to have such a wild ride is beyond any expectation and I’m extremely thankful for it.

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