Just when you think the music festivals photos are finally over, you’re smacked in the face by another wave of social media posts. Unfortunately, music festival season isn’t ending any time soon, so while we can’t see our favorite artists live, we can take some valuable notes concerning this year’s festival fashion trends.

Governor’s Ball in New York’s Randall’s Island just wrapped up a very eventful weekend that saw Rae Sreummrd’s Slim Jimmy slip and fall, resulting in a very serious leg injury. Not to mention Drake objectively killed it.

So sure the music was grand, but Governor’s Ball taught us some general fashion lessons. For instance, flower crowns are out, but denim, especially denim overalls, are still super in. Monochrome is still definitely a thing, and we still love tying things around our waists. So rejoice, or don’t, in the fact that there are still plenty of music festivals to attend and fashion to observe.

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Photos from Style.com.