We were delighted to see that bass menace Eptic dropped a new EP this week. Having worked with Never Say Die for quite a few years now, his sound is constantly developing – and “Immortal” is a fine example of that. We grabbed a few words with the man himself.

Congrats on another great EP! How do you feel it is a development from “Doom”?

Comparing to the “Doom” EP, I think i’ve progressed a lot more when it comes to song structure and atmosphere in general. The way I handle intros and the whole process of making them have just changed so much. When it comes to actual content, it’s actual pretty similar – just hard hitting tracks. The reason for this is that I wanted to make a solid dubstep EP before going all extreme and diverse on my next release!

Does “Immortal” have a story behind it? Also, would you like to be immortal?

“Immortal” stands for me still doing my thing even though many claim the dubstep scene is soon to be “dead”. I don’t know if I’d actually want to be immortal though haha, there’s only so many times you can re-watch “The Office”.

Your work often includes plenty of unique samples (as “Spellbound” does). Where do you get ideas for them from?

It’s a weird process, I sometimes spend hours searching the great depths that is the internet for videos and other cool gems to put in tracks. I took some of the “Spellbound” samples out of a “magic sponge” video.

Do you have a favourite track from this collection?

Definitely “Jurassic” and Trampa’s “Space Cats” remix.

What is your studio set up like?

Duet Apogee soundcard, Adam AX7 monitors, Macbook Pro 15inch and Ableton Push. I have a big iMac and a keyboard as well, but I just stopped using them because I got so attached to the laptop!

How would you describe the Trampa “Space Cats” remix? (We would call it “Furiously Feline”).

A dangerous slice of cheese with a vengeance.

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