My only style goal my freshman and sophomore year of high school was to fit in with the “cool girls.” I tried emulating their style, which meant Hollister skinny jeans, Abercrombie graphic tees and those baggy sweatpants with the waistband that you rolled down. The lazy day dress code at my school was baggy sweatpants, old middle school club tees and Rainbows. During my quest to fit in, I bought the required sweat pants and flip flops and I wore them just like everyone else.

When I realized that fashion brands existed beyond Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch I vowed never to wear sweatpants in public again. And for two years, I’ve kept that promise to myself.

As a student of fashion for almost 19 years now, I’ve made my fair share of fashion mistakes. Everyone has lazy days, but there’s no need to let others know it. So, here is my definitive guide to lazy day dressing.

1. Comfortable Jeans

I have a very large spot in my heart, somewhere between Matthew Gray Gubler and Hot Cheetos, for a good pair of jeans. I’m incredibly partial to black jeans, but that might be because I’ve never found a pair of blue denim that, in my warped sense of logic, didn’t make me look weird.

Before I get to far into this explanation I want to clarify that my position on Jeggings is a bit iffy. I will say they are comfortable but I do not think I would consider them true jeans. Jeggings are basically leggings parading as jeans and leggings are equivalent to sweatpants a.k.a. not acceptable.

Good jeans are a classic piece. Black jeans especially, can slim your figure and make you look put together. It does not matter if you throw on a sweater or a tee shirt. Anything with jeans looks instantly less lazy than sweatpants.

Do you want to look like this?


Look, a man is following you, and not in a creepy way because damn, you look so cute in your jeans.

Or this?


No, you want to look like this.


Because you want to be like Alexa Chung. Alexa Chung looks great in jeans therefore you will look great in jeans and maybe even snag your own Alex Turner. Although I saw pictures suggesting they are getting back together #dreamteam. I am still sad about the possibility of Alex losing his single-ness again though.

2. Graphic Tees

If you pair graphic tees with item number one BAM your outfit is done. Look at that, it probably took you all of 20 seconds to shimmy into your jeans and throw on that tee shirt. Now you can go back to the important things in life. Like chugging your Starbucks before you dash for class. Or grabbing Starbucks before class. Or thinking about how early you have to wake up to get Starbucks and still get to class on time.

Do you want to look like this?


Look, Rita Ora wears graphic tees and another male follows her. Rita Ora had Calvin Harris. Graphic tees get you Calvin Harris. I promise.

Or this?


She is sad because she forgot to wear a graphic tee.

3. Cool Outerwear

This is more for those who live in cold climates. Say basic tees are more your thing, so you scrap item number two. That is totally fine with me. Some days I am feeling the basics trend. Interesting outerwear is incredibly easy to wear and takes you all of five seconds to put on.

outerwear1 outerwear2 outerwear3 outerwear4 outerwear5

4. Matching Sets

The great thing about matching sets is that they’re super easy to throw on but you can split them up for extra outfits. You will look so cute, people will want to take your picture.


matchingsets1 matchingsets2

5. Fluffy Sweaters

They are fluffy. That is all.

sweaters1 sweaters2 sweaters3 sweaters4

6. Sneakers

Sneakers are great for just slipping on and off. Just ask the guy who sits next to me in my French class, and thinks it is okay to take his shoes off well it is not okay sir please do not take you shoes off do not be that guy keep your shoes on please people. Please.

sneakers1 sneakers2 sneakers3