Australian producer Hook N Sling has finally announced tour dates with Far East Movement. The musician joined the Insomniac/Interscope Records team earlier this year, and has since been releasing some catchy tunes.

“Boasting smooth rapped verses and an instantly infectious chorus over sub-shaking bass notes, the track is a stellar specimen of the so-called “G-house” sound currently gaining traction,” states Billboard of the track “Break Yourself”.

10th July – Light, Las Vegas
31st July – Harbour Event Centre, Vancouver – with Far East Movement
1st August – Beachclub, Point Calumet – with Far East Movement
7th August – Light, Las Vegas
8th August – Sound Bar, Chicago
21st August – The Exchange, Los Angeles – with Far East Movement

We had the opportunity to catch up Hook N Sling before his show in San Diego. The Australian producer gave us some insight on his career.

Thank you so much for taking the time to sit down with us, I know you’re about to go on stage. Before we dig into the music, I have to know, it’s the zombie apocalypse and you have to choose one weapon. What is it?
Hook N Sling: That’s a tough question, but I think I would go with a BB Gun.

What is one item that must always be on your rider?
Definitely water, and Red Bull. I can’t live without water.

You’re originally from Australia. What prompted the move to Los Angeles?
To be honest, there were a couple shows in Miami that were within a few months of each other, and the flight from Australia is like 30 hours. And if I were going to move out of Australia, I decided to base myself out of LA for six months. And then, I just never left.

And we’re so glad you didn’t! You were featured on Pete Tong’s radio show. Was that a defining moment for you?
Yes, of course. As a musician, you write music and play it to your friends, and the next moment I was featured on Pete Tong’s show. Millions of people were getting to listen to my music and it really blew my mind.

You were nominated for an Aria Award back at home. How did that feel?
It felt fantastic. Everything has started to blow up for me, and it was the first really formal recognition I had received.

How do you describe your music?
I’ll describe it the way I do to my mom: It’s house but it has a lot of melodies in it. I enjoy the progressive side of house music.

Who influenced you growing up?
Well, growing up it was Chemical Brothers, and later on when I started touring it was Afrojack and Axwell. Axwell has been a huge inspiration and mentor to me.

Axwell just did a remix of your song. Tell me more about that.
He remixed one of my songs, “Tokyo by Night,” and it was amazing and flattering to have someone like him remix my song. I think he did a really great job.

Tell me about the Far East Movement collaboration.
It was a different kind of collaboration. They aren’t really house guys, so I had to bring that to them.

What is music to you?
It’s all about creating something that your proud of. 2015 has a lot of artists that are very similar to each other, and I think you need to be yourself and put yourself out there.