Although some might argue that summer is too far along for contenders to set their mark on this all too fleeting season, Gil Glaze has them reconsider this narrow approach through the comprehensive release of the sun-drenched single “Light Up Your Heart.”

”It’s one of my most favorite productions to date,” Glaze said. “It’s a track for the summer to light up the hearts of all the festival goers.”

Much like how a pinball is ravaging its way through said machine, rumors about a Swiss wunderkind playing some of the most notorious venues in the world, supporting acts such as Martin Garrix and David Guetta, have been bouncing around in the ether for quite some time. With the release of “Light Up Your Heart” however, Glaze is proving to ascend from a supporting role to a recognizable force of his own.

“Light Up Your Heart” is a pioneering track that paves the way into future of house scene through the use of mellow, pulsating beats and thrilling vocals, all switched up with some captivating, and quite raw, synth hooks. This makes for an exhilarating listen with a distinct Glaze vibe that will sound aloud even after the green has left the leaves.

The single is released with an eye-catching music video that is shot and directed by Blake Farber. The video captures exemplary accounts of contemporary street dance shot from the streets of New York. Along with this, Glaze keeps giving with an upbeat progressive house remix that will cause ecstatic mayhem across numerous dance floors this summer.

Friends, let me tell you, Gil Glaze is someone to put on your radar because “Light Up Your Heart“ is only the beginning, so you better get ahead of the curve.

Check out both the original and remixed version of “Light Up Your Heart“ on Beatport and the video here below.

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