Billion Jelly Bloom has been making waves in the EDM circuit since its inception in 2010, and it only takes one look at them to understand why.

The company, founded by Patricia and Robert Lord in 2010 in San Francisco, started out as a fun project between friends at Burning Man 2009. Just one year later, they were a featured art installation at the very same festival.

The company boasts fun giant floating jellyfish that are most popular in the festival scene, but they’re also rented out for weddings, parties and other personal events. Since raising over $40,000 on Kickstarter in 2013, Billion Jelly Bloom has established a loyal following most companies only ever dream of, and with a talented and ambitious team behind it, there’s no telling where these giant jellies are headed to next.

billion-jelly-bloom billion-jelly-bloom billion-jelly-bloom


Tell us how you got your start. What prompted you to start making giant jellies?
Rob Lord: Patti and I love fun, whimsical fun. The jellies began as our contribution to and participation in the three-ring freak­out that is the annual Burning Man festival.

How many people are on your team, and what are their roles?
Patti does it all. I support her as helpful. We also have a posse of talented dedicated bloom leaders and other helpers who pull off festival gigs and flashblooms, which are impromptu performances in public spaces.

What is your primary market?
Fun­lovers. Adults susceptible to childlike wonder.

In 2013 you raised over $40,000 on Kickstarter. What has business been like for BJB since then?
Yes, the Kickstarter campaign to fund production of OMG Jellyfish succeeded resulting in hundreds of jellies being distributed to our backers. We are delighted when we encounter them in the wild, at festivals usually.

The jellyfish undulating “business” is wholly unpredictable as you might expect, dependent on event producer’s creativity and vision to book interactive, participatory, mobile, immersive whimsical fun acts like Billion Jelly Bloom.

Why do you think people gravitate so much toward giant, floating jellyfish?
That’s a puzzling question that we struggle to answer, but to confirm the premise, yes, people consistently gravitate to and adore the jellies.

My inner amateur sociologist reckons there’s a scarcity of immediate, interactive, participatory, mobile and immersive whimsical fun experiences in people’s lives. The jellies bring it, ready or not, every time.

What has been your favorite festival to work with thus far and why?
We delight in blooming (aka performing at) festivals, large and small and medium­-sized. We bloomed Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas ­(thank you Insomniac!)­ all three nights most recently, which was immensely fun. As mobile performers we seek out funportunitiesTM to maximize the funs for the event’s guests and concomitantly ourselves as performers.

What is your ultimate goal for Billion Jelly Bloom? Any exciting plans in the works?
Our ultimate goal is in our name: BILLION jelly bloom. We’re targeting a world­ record, weapons­-grade 50 jelly bloom in 2016. Building upon that success, 999,999,950 additional jellies blooming remain between us and goal.

What is your favorite thing about the jellies?
That’s easy. The people we meet, perform with, partner with and befriend who share our affinity for such ridiculous endeavors as Billion Jelly Bloom. We LOVE you!