Even if the one who coined the expression “the more the merrier” impossibly had house music in mind, he could not have been more right in the context of the scene. The team-up of electro duo’s twoloud and Mojjjo X Mind’CD gives testament to this with their lovechild “Objectif”.

First showcased in Steve Angello’s Ultra Festival set this year, the audible equivalent to an IV bag filled with epinephrine that is “Objectif” was, after a considerable wait, released on July 20.

The classic house setup of a fast-paced beat, smothered in synths and finished off by massive drops keeps the adrenaline flowing throughout the duration of the intense track.

Perhaps most impressive though is that the ego of these four producers have been checked at the door and their different wills and individual tastes have been set aside for the greater good of the track.

Check it out at Beatport.

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