Oakland-based roots musician Fantastic Negrito was detained by authorities shortly before his Outside Lands performance in San Francisco, California.

An associate of his group was found to be illegally selling VIP tickets to the music and arts festival on Craigslist. So when Xavier Dphrepaulezz, aka Fantastic Negrito, approached the entrance to the festival, he was met by 10 members of the local police department who handcuffed him without any explanation. Eventually, he was told that he would no longer be performing at the festival, thanks to one of his interns who was present with him at the scene.

Fantastic Negrito spoke to Consequence of Sound about his experience, which he described as “being treated like an animal.” After being handcuffed, he was forced to the ground and detained for three hours before being released with a citation for “peddling without a permit.” He also claimed he “has absolutely no idea” over how the SFPD has jurisdiction over a wristband’s sale on a third-party website.

The most noteworthy part of the whole story is how he reacted to the entire situation. Instead of blaming his intern, he acted almost sympathetic, tweeting “the kid probably needed the money rent is high in the bay.” It’s a true display of his character, proving that he is down-to-earth and kindhearted. It’s unfortunate that an event like this had to happen, but hopefully he will move past it and his career will continue to flourish.

“The incident is over now. I don’t even hold it against the intern. He’s a good kid. As soon as he saw what was going down, he manned up and took responsibility. I don’t have anything to do with tickets or wristbands to these things — I’m too focused on the performance to keep track of those things.” – Fantastic Negrito