1. When you get that first look at yourself in the mirror when you roll into your house:
  2. And then you fall into bed like:
  3. When you wake up and your mouth is a desert:
  4. Trying to hydrate yourself and you’re just like:

  5. Examining your napalmed flesh because you took your sunscreen’s “reapply every two hours” line as less of a mandate and more of a suggestion.
  6. Looking back at your Snapchat story like:
  7. Realizing that you may have permanently damaged your hearing:
  8. And maybe your corneas because that laser pierced your pupil:
  9. Finding glitter and glow stick fluid and grass clippings in every crevice:
  10. Finally hitting that shower:
  11. Dealing with your post-apocalyptic bank account and trying to hold on to every cent for that Ramen:
  12. Having to adjust to wearing actual fabric again because this shit won’t fly anymore:
  13. At work the next day trying to be professional and pretending you aren’t slowly dying:
  14. Contemplating repeating the process and you just can’t: