EDM’s prodigy Diplo (Thomas Wesley Pentz) is back at it with another slue of lawsuits. In 2014, DJ Master D filed a lawsuit against Pentz for unauthorized intellectual property (beats) in the song “Fuck Up the Fun” by Azealia Banks, a song in which Diplo produced. Master D stated “Diplo took the beat after a failed deal couldn’t be reached on both sides.

Azealia Banks took to Twitter to call out Diplo on the $20,000 he owes her as part of respiration in the lawsuits. Diplo did not reply to any allegations and the Tweets have since been deleted.

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Check out the bottom of this article and compare DJ Master D’s track “Mad Drumz Bubbling” to Azealia Banks “Fuck Up the Fun” for yourself. Although a comparison may be noncore as Diplo clearly sampled the drum-loop.