Beau Damion is back and arguably better than ever with his latest collaboration with New York producer duo Murmuur, “Respawn.”

The 29-year-old American producer and label manager hones in on his classic style, creating a dark, post-apocalyptic masterpiece. “Respawn” is nearly nine minutes of dark minimal tech with thumping basslines and stripped-down sirens and synths. Murmuur, the duo consisting of John Malgioglio and Ray Mac, add dark, hard-hitting techno to the track.

“Respawn” offers a darker counter to everyday upbeat progressive house and has already garnered the attention of Sydney Blu, Chris James, Adrian Gold and many other industry powerhouses. What the track lacks in optimism it makes up for in depth, creating unparalleled boomstep.

“Respawn” will be released on August 28 through Damion’s very own label, Xpel Muzik and can be purchased exclusively on Beatport.

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