If you haven’t checked out the vibrant sounds of Australian duo Bombs Away yet, we strongly suggest you do a little trawl through their SoundCloud. Having only recently worked with Oh Snap! for the banging “Squats”, we spoke to the pair about the single and more.

What inspired “Squats”?

Haha, we don’t mind a lovely derrière!

How long did it take you and Oh Snap! to get it finished?

This one actually came together quite fast, Oh Snap! had that top line nailed and everything fell into place in about 2 weeks!

Does it feel like a progression from “Big Booty Bitches”? How would you now describe the production style of Bombs Away? 

It’s definitely become a bit of a thing for us to do tongue in cheek tracks like that, I guess you could say we are taking lots of influences from Melbourne Bounce and party stuff!

Are you boobs or butt kinda guys? 

Haven’t the songs given it away… 😉

Where did you first find Oh Snap? Do you have any plans to work together again?

We actually remixed one of his tracks a few years ago and have been friends since, we had been planning to do another original together and this worked perfectly!

What’s next for Bombs Away?

We have one with Luciana called “Everybody Stand Up” that we’re really excited about!

Where can we catch you playing for the rest of the summer?

We just got back from an Asian tour which was great, so we’ll be in Australia for the next couple of months and then Stateside!

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