Anyone remember the iconic blood bath opening scene from 1998’s cult classic Blade? Here’s a little reminder: dancing, music, lights, and lots of blood.

This Halloween, a club in Amsterdam will be inviting ravers, vampire enthusiasts, and horror freaks to what might literally be the bloodiest rave ever.

Anonymous promoters for the now viral “Blood Rave” have opened up to VICE about what to expect from this event.

The promoters are aiming for roughly 1,500 people to show up to the grisly event and they want you to wear your most dark, gritty, and aesthetically pleasing clothing. Visitors are recommended to not wear anything fancy, as it will get ruined.

Now the top question that is on everyone’s minds… Will there be real blood being doused on the ravers? Promoters are doing everything that they can to make sure that the blood raining down on visitors is, in fact, real. Whether that is human blood, pig blood, or cow blood. Attendees will be drenched with approximately 5,000 liters of blood – equal to 1,300 gallons. So yes, this event will certainly be intense. Sadly, there will be no real vampires to attend.

“Of course, our visitors’ safety comes first, but we are definitely exploring all possibilities to make this [event] as freaky as possible.”

The music for the event will be going off the current house and techno scene in Amsterdam. This will be music that has been known to be dark and abrasive, which is exactly what the promoters are aiming for.

“[…] what I can guarantee you is that you will only see red all night.”

To find out more details about this event check out their Facebook page. Tickets are now available for purchase.