A woman checks into a hospital, mentally prepared for surgery. She changes and gets nestled in the Tyvek paper trying to pass as bed sheets when the nurse comes in. She checks her vitals and begins to hand her headphones–not hook her up to an IV.

A recent study conducted by Brunel University and Queen Mary University of London have found that listening to music can help ease pain and benefit your physical health. Researchers studied almost 7,000 patients who listened to their favorite songs before and after surgery. They found that the patients had reduced pain levels and needed less medication. They also theorized, after combining data from other related studies, that implementing music can help alleviate anxiety as well as expediting patient recovery.

After releasing their findings, the research understandably gained attention. The Royal London Hospital will host a follow-up study on females during cesarean section and hysteroscopy procedures. The women will submit a playlist that will be hooked up to pillows with built-in speakers.

Let’s all hope our dentists take the same cues.