If you’ve seen Apple Music’s latest commercial, you probably thought something along the lines of “Hm, seems pretty cool.“ or “I should probably check this out.” With big name DJs and musicians such as Flying Lotus, Shamir, Kygo and sister duo Ibeyi, it’s not hard to see that Apple still ranks highly when it comes to visuals and marketing the public.

Apple once again proves that aesthetically, they’re on a pedestal their competitors simply can’t reach.

But is it enough? Survey says, not exactly.

New studies are showing that 48 percent of trial users pull out before they’re required to pay for the music streaming service. Although Apple claims that they’re still retaining 79 percent of users, the survey numbers say otherwise. This could be in relation to 61 percent of users turning off the “auto-renewal option” at the start of their free trial. Although Apple dominates the music industry (iTunes, anyone?) Maybe it’s best they leave the streaming services to Spotify.

(The Verge)