You may know her has Stella Carlin on Orange Is The New Black, but Ruby Rose is talented in more than just acting. The wildly popular star has been pursuing a DJ career for many years now, and recently signed with Connected Artists. But with success comes haters, as many are questioning the viability of her musical talents.

Ruby Rose, who is already booked for an international tour, took to Facebook to set the record straight by posting a brief history of her DJ career. Ruby claims she is not just another celebrity taking up DJing as a hobby–like Paris Hilton or Joe Jonas–but that she has actually been in the game for quite some time.

“Odds are, if you have JUST started noticing a chick DJ get any form of recognition it’s not their first day on the job,” she stated in her Facebook post.

Ruby Rose began DJing in 2009, where she performed alongside the likes of Skrillex and Calvin Harris and even toured with Nicki Manaj.

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