HARD has been hit with some tough limitations following the deaths of two young people at their summer festival this year. Tracy Nguyen, 18 and Katie Dix, 19 both died of apparent drug overdoses at the fest, which took place on the L. A. County Fairgrounds. Their untimely passings were preceded by another 18-year-old who passed last summer at Electric Daisy Carnival.

LA County’s board of supervisors established a taskforce last year that enforces preventative measures at the large-scale events. This year, they have cracked down on the upcoming HARD Day of the Dead festival and have canceled their next scheduled show altogether. 

Live Nation and HARD are now capping DOTD attendance at 40,000 people, a 25,000 drop from that of HARD Summer’s, and is forbidding attendants under 21 years old. Live Nation has also stated that they will “reduce the hours” of the festival, in addition to increasing security.

In a statement to the SGV Tribune, HARD spokesperson Alexandra Greenberg said,

“Festival organizers and promoters are pleased to have worked quickly with the County Supervisors in order to complete the County’s inquiry and bring about the agreed upon modifications to our operations for HARD Day of the Dead at Fairplex, which will further our fans to have a safe and fun time.”

All of this is being done in an effort to avoid a permanent ban on EDM festivals from the county’s board, a possibility that could gain seriousness if another tragic event happens.

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