If you caught the Video Music Awards you saw a lot of fashion and a lot of music. But what you also saw was some major shade thrown, a teen idol who cried after his performance and an announcement for presidential candidacy in the 2020 election. As much as I want to analyze how problematic Miley Cyrus’s dreads were or whimper with you through Justin Bieber’s breakdown, I will refrain because we’re here to talk about A$AP Rocky’s ensemble that proved he is a certifiable “fashion killa.”

Outfitted in a simple navy tracksuit, A$AP turned heads in Russian designer Gosha Rubchinskiy’s fall 2015 collection. The simple hoodie featured an amalgamation of the People’s Republic of China and Russia’s flag imposed over a Tommy Hilfiger logo, only this time Rubchinskiy’s Cyrillic name replaces the familiar Tommy script. This plays much to Rubchinskiy’s underground streetwear aesthetic.

Unfortunately if you’re looking to cop a matching set, finding anything online will be pretty difficult. But thanks again A$AP for reminding us that you really are that pretty mother f*cker.

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