For the second year in a row, Avicii has announced that the rest of his scheduled performances for this year will be cancelled. In 2014, when the DJ made a similar announcement, he claimed he needed to focus on his health after an issue with his gallbladder. Avicii, aka Tim Bergling, missed most of his Miami Music Week appearances last year due to this incident.

However, this year’s cancellation has not been announced as being from health-related problems. Bergling’s team claims that this year has put too much stress and pressure on the DJ, Billboard reports. The 25-year-old EDM phenomenon managed to put out a new album, Stories, this year, while also taking on a directional role for his music videos “For A Better Day” and “Pure Grinding.”

As for the Avicii’s scheduled Las Vegas performances at XS and Encore Beach Club, he will be pushing those into next year. The same goes for the DJ’s upcoming performance at Shanghai’s STORM Festival and two other shows in Japan.

Although his physical health may not be the issue, Avicii’s mental health is just as important. In order to continue at his rate of success, a hiatus may be just what the young DJ needs.

“In moving my tour promotional responsibilities to next year, I have a great opportunity to focus on myself and spend time trying to grow up in a way I never got the chance to – normal, or as normal as it could get,” Avicii told Billboard.

(Dancing Astronaut)