The favorite six-second video sharing app, Vine, has announced a new music-based function that will take affect Friday, with an enhanced interface and a better way to experience music content. “Music on Vine” was announced Thursday with a breakdown of what the new additions would entail.

“To date, our creation tools have focused on the visual components of your Vines,” the blog post reads. “By focusing on how your Vines sound, you can make better Vines, and share new music for the world to uncover.”

One of the new additions to the app is a function titled “snap to beat” which will allow users to easily create seamless loops with their posts. This new editing platform will let users trim videos perfectly so that music loops will “play continuously without any apparent beginning or end.” A sound effects board has also been added to enhance video content.

Another cool new feature is a music discovery section. It allows for song titles to appear in music posts so that users are not left wondering what song is being played.

Vine has partnered with Billboard in order to contribute to Billboard’s Social 50 chart, a move that adds affluence to the trends appreciated on the app.

Read the full blog post here.