Everyone knows Tinder is on its way out the door, but don’t forget about “dating” apps just yet. Mix’d is completely changing the game for those of you love music and people that love music.

Nowadays, there are dating sites for everyone from farmers to Christians to probably lion tamers. But finally someone developed a dating app just for the music-obsessed demographic. The entire process is similar to Tinder and relatively simple at that. You select your favorite artists, but it also reads information from your Facebook, such as your upcoming events.

Noah Brunell, the creator of Mix’d, says his own personal experience inspired him to develop the app. “I go to a lot of shows. It’s a huge part of my life, and all my friends date girls or guys that are into the same scene,” he says. “I thought, there’s something here. This might sound close-minded, but I don’t think I could date someone who wasn’t into the same type of music that I am into. If I can’t share those experiences with the person I’m spending all this time with, then it’s gonna be a real issue.”

Another noteworthy feature of Mix’d is the “concert mode”, which allows the possibility to match with people within close proximity to you, therefore showing you other Mix’d users at the same event as you. Brunell plans to introduce the app to festivals such as TomorrowWorld, so make sure to look out for that when the time comes.

Hopefully Mix’d catches on because it’s a promising idea if it gains enough users. It’s definitely gaining recognition, but it still has quite a way to go if it wants to reach the status of apps like Tinder. Eventually, Brunell hopes to make Mix’d more than just a dating app: “The ideal scenario is to be a one-stop shop for everything.”