Having only recently dropped a gigantic new catalogue of bass anthems, and now back on the road, we managed to grab producer and DJ FIGURE for a quick chat about how he made his “Gravity” LP.

We love the new album – it’s got such variety on it. When did you start putting it together? 

Thanks a lot, I started making it about a year ago. There are a couple tracks that are 2 years old, they some how fit perfectly into the layout of things.

You collaborated with lots of different artists for it – who was your favourite to work with? 

I’d say the one with A Plus or Adeem, both rappers I grew up loving. For sure an honor.

Where did the original inspiration for the album come from?

Just space, in general, from the video games I play, the books I read, and the movies I watch. I wanted to make a Heavy Bass Space Album, for lack of a better term.

Where do you feel more at home, working in the studio on a new track or testing it out to a big crowd? 

It’s all the same to me, I grew up playing hip hop shows and producing, it’s kind of all just chapters of the movie I live in. I do love testing out new shit though!

What have been your most memorable shows this year?

I’d say the ones on this tour I am on, it’s awesome traveling around with Terravita, Datsik, Bro Safari, and Zomboy… just hanging out and all banging out crazy sets. Very good company!

Which track from “Gravity” have the fans reacted best to? 

I’d say the tittle track itself “Gravity” or “Who’s Next”. I was really surprised how well people reacted to “From Mars with Love”, considering anytime I do anything but crazy heavy shit, my fans flip out and think I’ve lost my touch. Haha!

You’re about to head out on tour – what do you like and dislike about being on the road?

I’m out on tour now actually. I love it all, other than just wanting to be home sometimes and chilling on my couch and grilling out – just general comfort.

Grab “Gravity” here. 

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