Did you ever think that Shaq would be making headlines in the world of EDM? Well surprise, the former NBA star is another star to take up DJing.

Shaq will be performing at one of the biggest US festivals in just two weeks. In response to this news, The Chainsmokers have taken it upon themselves to give Shaq some last minute pointers before the Georgia festival takes place at the end of the month. Alex and Drew made sure to give the NBA all-star the best tips and all the proper essentials – glow sticks, sweet dance movies, and Drew’s signature high-flying antics.

Kudos to Shaq for being able to make fun of himself and have a good time at the free-throw line and on the dance floor!

Together, the trio have created a hilarious three-minute video and it’s recommended that you watch it. Seriously, you’ll thank us. Check out the video below and don’t forget to catch Shaq and The Chainsmokers September 25-27 at TomorrowWorld!