Everyone is giving up on summer, it seems, except Verboten. On August 23, Verboten welcomed Jamie xx, Maya Jane Coles, Matador, Bedouin, and Nastia to the Brooklyn waterfront for a bash that reminded us all why summer is the season of music.

The venue was located directly behind the Brooklyn flea market, an empty lot filled with antique salesmen, clothing vendors, and most importantly, some of the best food in Brooklyn. Since you could hear the sets just fine inside the flea market, I decided to take advantage of the fact; I got myself a Hibiscus donut from Dough Doughnuts and sat down to enjoy Bedouin’s opening set.

I finished my donut just in time to catch the beginning of Nastia’s set. There weren’t that many people at the event just yet, but as soon as she started playing, the dance floor filled up for what was my personal favorite set of the night.


Jamie xx followed Nastia with probably the strangest set I’ve ever heard. It was an eclectic mix of different genres, and not many of the songs flowed together well, so it left the crowd a little bummed (perfect time to go grab some of those killer tacos Verboten was selling!).


Maya Jane Coles came on for yet another disappointing set. Now, it was a good set. Maya is my girl and I’d never hate on her, but I was disappointed that she didn’t play any of her well-known tracks like “Comfort” (which I admit is old, but is a crowd-pleaser and should’ve made its way in there one way or another).


Matador closed out the night with a fun and energetic set that got everyone off their tired feet to dance along.

Between the location, talent, and food, Verboten’s StageOne is a party you don’t want to miss. The next StageOne is scheduled for next Saturday, September 19, featuring Carl Craig, Audion, Magda, Gaiser, Floorplan and Moodymann.

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Tickets are available here.