It’s Thursday which means it is another TBT kind of day. Check out 14 (random?) musical throwbacks for your dark, emo soul!

  1. You listening to “I’m Not Okay”:

2.    Having “Miss Murder” on repeat like:

3.    Screaming “I REFUSE I REFUSE I REFUSE” to “Misery Business” in your mom’s minivan:

4.    “I’m Just a Kid” understanding you on an elemental level:

5.    “Thnks fr th Mmrs” getting your angst more than your mom ever could:

6.    When the opening notes of “Mr. Brightside” made your cold, dark heart awaken if only for a moment:

7.    “Transatlanticism” owning your black tears:

8.    When you recognize the opening notes of “The Black Parade” and remember that time your father took you into the city to see a marching band:

9.    When “Check Yes Juliet” inspired some of your most kickass and vampiric FanFiction and LiveJournal posts:

10.    Letting your inner rage show to “Paper Thin Hymn” like:

11.    “Diary of Jane” making you apply so many layers of kohl black eyeliner because ANGST:

12.    Your mom getting mad as you and your friends all shout “THE POOR GROOM’S BRIDE IS A…” a la “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” during carpool:

13.    “Ohio is for Lovers” polluting your already corrupted soul:

14.    “Breathing” by Yellowcard blasting while you raid a Hot Topic sale: