An EDM-country fusion will continue on for the Zac Brown Band after the success of the Avicii-produced “Broken Arrow” and their electronic influenced album Jekyll + Hyde, which dropped in 2015.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Country, the Zac Brown Band frontman spoke about his love for both country and EDM, and on how he made the mixture work on the band’s newest album. Brown has received some criticism for the drastic change but that doesn’t intimidate him – he’s been enjoying the songs on the road and wants to continue on with this new strategy.

The opening track “Beautiful Drug” on Jekyll + Hyde was compared to an Avicii-style EDM song. Brown states that the song, which is a blend of electronic beats and heavy guitar use, has been received well live and has given him more motivation to further explore the genre.

“You can de-select the songs that you don’t want to have on the record, but I hope we always put something out that has a lot of songs that the majority of people will love,” Brown says.

The band has received plenty of criticism in the past for not being a pure country band, however Brown reassures that there are plenty of country songs on the album as well as heavy rock, jazz, and EDM.

Brown will begin writing the new records this fall during the return of their Jekyll + Hyde tour.

(Music Times)