Hip-hop artist and YouTube legend Mac Lethal just graced the world with what might be his best video ever. Taking pointers from Grandmas Smoking Weed for the First Time, he recruited three lovely grandparents from Kansas, Missouri to get high and listen to trap music for the first time.

He begins by letting the grandparents interpret “Flex” by Rich Homie Quan and pure hilarity ensues. Hearing what a grandmother thinks “homie” means might be the most entertaining part of the entire video, followed by a grown man trying to imitate Rich Homie Quan. “Used To” by 2 Chainz also produces some philosophical insight from the stoned elders, but “Trap Queen” by Fetty Wap cultivates the best responses of them all. Deborah, the grandmother, is the star of the video, revealing that she is most definitely a “trap queen.” Doug, the oldest participant in the group, digs a bit deeper and uncovers some interesting historical observations.

The video proves that grandparents are truly the best YouTube stars of all. His sequel, Grandparents Discuss Netflix and Chill, is also a must-watch.