Symbiosis Gathering’s 10-year celebration went off without a hitch during the weekend of September 17-20. The festivities begin bright and early throughout the shining river beds of Oakdale, Calif. Musicians shared their hard work with enthusiastic fans throughout the weekend, fine art was admired  by all and workshop presenters spoke to enormous crowds. The festival was another trademark of the community and its amazing vibes. The sense of community is consistently present at Symbiosis Gathering. Here are some of the best and worst things at this year’s Symbiosis. 

1) The community. Festivalgoers are constantly surprising each other with their friendly vibes and community atmosphere.

2) The water. The beautiful reservoir created a culture of “Swimbiosis”


Photo: John Felix

3) Interactive arts. Symbiosis Gathering featured gigantic stages and interactive niche areas that were scattered throughout the fest.

4) The music. Live acts and performances by Nicolas Jaar, Tipper, Griz, Justin Martin, The Polish Ambassador, The Acid, and many more filled the air with a psychedelic soundtrack.


Photo: John Felix

5) The art. Live painters created ridiculously complex masterpieces that served as ever-changing canvases throughout the weekend.

Only two things come to mind: the bathroom situation may have gotten a little funky, but we’re told that this will be avoided next year. The wristbands may not have gotten to us as quickly as we wanted, but no worries fans, next year it will be different.

Overall, the weekend was an amazing success, and we can’t wait for next year.