In the midst of shooting season five for her Emmy award-winning show Homeland in Berlin, Germany, Clare Danes made a pit stop at one of Berlin’s most popular club’s, Berghain.

Danes excitedly dropped by Ellen today to explain the time she had at the club. She went on describing the excellent treatment she received.

“They have this incredible club called Berghain, which is world-renowned. I got in with the guy who knows the owner so we kinda got to go in through the back – the thing to do is go on a Sunday.”

Ellen Degeneres seemed surprised at the club’s hours and the scandalous on goings at the club jokingly exclaiming, “People are dancing completely naked? That is disgusting.”

Danes goes into more detail describing her experience at fetish weekend and describing the different floors of the club, one that includes “a little hip hop” and another that contains an ice cream parlor. Degeneres asks, “Do they serve alcohol as well?” at which Danes replies delightfully, “Yes.”

Ellen then gives Danes a “rave baby bjorn” which then they both dance to, what Danes calls, “bad techno music.”

To recap: alcohol, ice cream, Berlin, and techno, all while naked? Sign me up!

Check out the video below.