For each passing day, contemporary house seem to cultivate increasingly younger producers and the scene’s audience often accept this fact as a truth. This truth however, is thrown off the top floor when the distinct sound of a veteran comes kicking down the front door.

So is the case with the 47-year-old pioneer, Joachim Garraud, who has been pushing the scene’s frontier with hit after hit since the late 80’s.

If there is something we know about Garraud’s immense musical legacy is that the Frenchman always delivers. His new single “DJ Play That Beat,” released on Ultra September 25, is no exception to the rule.

“DJ Play That Beat” is a daring venture to the periphery of electro house that features a minimalistic and magnetic sound, which makes for a retro feel. The clever use of the single’s sharp and bold beat, in correlation with “classic” Garraud vocals, gives “DJ Play That Beat” an edge on other tracks contesting for recognition.

The single’s music video, which gorgeously comes in 4k, expands on the track’s well-established retro feel, showcasing cassettes, vinyls, 70’s monitors and 8-bit sunglasses. All of those providing for a striking experience.

In short, Garraud surely has the wisdom of making his army of “Space Invaders” proud.

Stream “DJ Play That Beat” the video below and grab the single from iTunes, out now on Ultra Music.