The world’s largest electronic dance music congregation, Amsterdam Dance Event, will be celebrating its 20th anniversary on October 14-18. The event discusses the future of dance and electronic, bringing together people from all over the world and more than 2,200 artists.

With Amsterdam being the world’s leader in progressive substance policy and regulation, substance use is fairly common at ADE. Apparently a new ecstasy pill featuring the ADE logo has emerged, making officials very nervous. The drug is reported to contain up to 250 mg of MDMA, which is much more than normal. The Dutch health institute, Trimbos, has issued a nationwide ‘red-alert’, reminders event attendees that the pill is in now way associated with the Amsterdam Dance Event.

Trimbos released the following statement regarding the issue:

“Use of high-dose ecstasy is extra risky and increases the risk of overdose, causing overheating, acute psychotic symptoms, arrhythmias and liver failure can occur. Use can have fatal consequences.”

ADE attendees are reminded to party responsibly and look out for one another.