Every Facebook user has asked the same question, when are we getting a dislike button? With every new update came a higher amount of hope for the sought after button. A month ago, Facebook Creator Mark Zuckerberg brought up the concept of the “Dislike” button and mentioned that it was in the works. However, the button wouldn’t necessarily be an actual dislike button – instead it will be more like the Apple Emojis.

Instead of creating a dislike button that would be sure to cause unnecessary drama and confusion, Facebook opted to create “Reactions.” Facebook Reactions will be a set of emoticons that will serve as a stand-in for comments. Popular one word responses such as haha, yay, wow, and sad have been made into reactions.

facebook dislike button

To use the feature, all you have to do is long-press the like button and wait for the six featured reactions to pop up and then choose one. Posts will now also show reaction counts alongside the number of comments. For example, a status would show that it has ten likes and four wows.

As of right now, Reactions is only available in Ireland and Spain.

The Verge has stated, “For a company of Facebook’s size, testing a feature like reactions with small groups is tricky. If I can react to your post with a haha, but you can’t see my haha because you’re not in the test group, Facebook is effectively broken. That’s why Facebook tests features in countries where most of its users don’t have friends outside the country. Ireland and Spain are relatively isolated in this way, and that’s why they’re getting reactions first.”

Makes sense, it would be pretty awkward to use a reaction and then have someone severely confused because they can’t see anything.

Until it’s fully released and working well in Ireland and Spain, the feature won’t be released to other countries. That’s not to say that there is an exact time frame for the United States – that has yet to be determined.