Now that we’ve reached the age where it’s no longer socially acceptable to go trick-or-treating, it’s time to move past our overly sexy, overplayed Halloween store costumes and try something more creative. The one perk of getting older is that Halloween becomes an all-night party that’s open way past when the last trick-or-treater has finished arranging and rearranging his or her Halloween haul. These midnight rages are the opportunity to showcase your DIY savvy. So here’s some inspiration for the highbrow, the lowbrow and anyone in between.

1. Margot Tenenbaum


For Wes Anderson fans, this is a no-brainer. Middle child Margot oozes a sense of mystery, and if you’re tagging along at a party with a lot of new people, you’ll be the enigma that everyone wants to talk to. Besides, who doesn’t want to wear an oversized fur and smoke a fake cigarette?

2. Cher Horowitz


As if we could really do Halloween without paying homage to Cher. The preppy schoolgirl is a Halloween classic, so even though you’re still low-key upset about not having a closet like Cher’s, you can still take some inspiration from this ’90s cult classic.

3. Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service

This is an example of a costume that is ridiculously easy to replicate and you will certainly be the only party attendee with this costume. Carrying around a Jiji lookalike is about as close as you’re going to get bringing along your own feline friend. And the broom is handy for swatting away all the annoying, very touchy, drunk boys.

4. Lana Del Rey


LDR seemed to fall of the radar after she released her album, Ultraviolence, a relatively weak, in my opinion, follow-up to Born to Die. If you’ve been a Lana fan from the beginning, throw it back to 2012 with an oversized flower crown, some heart-shaped glasses and an “I literally couldn’t care less” attitude.

5. A Clockwork Orange


Another last-minute Halloween idea is Alex DeLarge from Anthony Burgess’ classic, A Clockwork Orange. An all white ensemble, bowler hat, cane and some falsies are all you need to have a real horror show. If you’re crashing with a more intellectual crowd, this may be your opportunity to prove how well read you are.

6. Regina George

Let’s all stop pretending there wasn’t a moment when we wished we were Regina George. The ultimate queen bee (sorry Beyoncé), Regina George had it all: the super hot boyfriend, popular–albeit intellectually lacking–girl gang and the prom queen crown. If you’re invited to a party at the last minute, this Regina George get up is a painless DIY that’s so fetch.

7. Daria

For the hipster Halloween party, Daria is a no brainer. If your best friend really has your back she’ll be the Jane to your Daria and you two can sit back and complain about how lame the party

8. Bob’s Burgers
BOB'S BURGERS: Join the Belcher family for Season Five of the Emmy Award winning BOB'S BURGERS Sundays on FOX. BOB'S BURGERS ª and © 2014 TCFFC ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Any member of the Belcher clan would make for a great costume, but this is the perfect opportunity for you and your squad to coordinate the coolest Halloween ensembles. Each character has his or her own distinct personality, so whether you tap in to your inner Tina or sing your way through the night like Linda, you’re sure to be the best dressed squad. #squadgoals