Mega-publisher Condé Nast, who owns top magazines like Vogue, GQ, the New Yorker and Vanity Fair, has just acquired the independent music brand, PitchFork Media.

Pitchfork originated in 1995 and is most known for finding and bringing to light new talent in the music industry, their detailed artists reviews, and the Pitchfork Media events in cities like Chicago and Paris. Pitchfork brings in an average of 5 million visitors to the site monthly.

“Pitchfork is a distinguished digital property that brings a strong editorial voice, an enthusiastic and young audience, a growing video platform and a thriving events business,” Condé Nast President and Chief Executive Bob Sauerberg said.

Condé Nast is extremely passionate about Pitchfork and continues to take businesses to new heights by expand the Condé Nast empire. The company has assured Pitchfork fans that the acquisition will not change the tone of the independent music site.

Chief Digital Officer Fred Santarpia, who will be in control of the site, said,

“The acquisition of Pitchfork reflects Condé Nast’s continued belief in the power of authentic editorial voices to engage influential audiences at scale.”

Pitchfork founder and chief executive Ryan Schreiber said the brand is “incredibly fortunate” to be working with Condé Nast.

“Their belief in what we do, combined with their additional expertise and resources, will allow us to extend our coverage of the artists and stories that shape the music landscape on every platform,” Schreiber said.

With Condé Nast’s help, Pitchfork Media has the potential to be the next Rolling Stone.

(New York Times)