Gurgagon’s Sector 29 hosted the final show of Skrillex’s first India tour, and fans made sure they did not miss the massive event. However, that influx of guests boosted the attendance from the expected 5,000 attendees to a over a whopping 10,000 people. One of those concertgoers, 23-year-old Aanchal Arora from Pitam Pura, had suffocated during the massive event.

While at the show, Aanchal began to feel breathless while dancing and was rushed to a hospital where doctors did all they could, but to no avail. Aanchal attended the show with a friend, whom is still in critical condition at the hospital where Ms. Arora passed. The doctors reported to the family that Aanchal suffered a cardiac arrest due to the venue’s overcrowding, which caused suffocation and asphyxia.

Aanchal’s father and family mourn her passing, and are making a case of negligence to the organizers for allowing such a massive amount of people to their venue.

According to the venue’s permissions, the maximum amount of people allowed was 6,000. So, for the venue to actually cram an alleged 15,000 people is basically a mistake of mismanagement. It is irresponsible for a venue to overlook that and to not seek additional help from the proper authorities.

According to Tribune India, police officials are responding with concerns and are looking into the matter. The police have also pressed charges against Scoop Brand Holdings Private Limited, for violating exercise norms.