When asked about drum & bass, some might vaguely recall the name “Pendulum” or a YouTube clip from “that crazy Russian festival ‘Pirate Station,’” Others might know enough drum & bass to fill an anthology. Regardless of where you place yourself on the spectrum, get listening to Consouls’ new single “Dreamer.”  Trust me, you’ll regret not pressing that play button.

It has still not been that long since the Los Angeles duo emerged, gasping for air in the growing American drum & bass scene. The unique sound of their new EP Preamble, which is kicked off by the enthralling “Dreamer,” will set the duo soaring.

With the preamble that DnB tracks usually feature beats over 150 bpm, it’s not every day one hear such a mellow, yet exhilarating, DnB track as Consouls’ “Dreamer.”

The homing vocals from Daniel Hunter Jones sets listeners into a state of trance, while the ecstatic and adored DnB beat forces one into motion.

So, yes. This one should definitely go into the anthology.

Download “Dreamer” from Beatport.

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