Dutch DJ and producer Afrojack is most known for his collaboration “Take Over Control” with pop songstress Eva Simmons on his debut album Forget the World. And now, it’s pretty apparent that the international fame he’s racked up since then has gotten him some serious dough, because he just bought himself a $2.5 million Bugatti to celebrate his hard work in the studio and on tour.

Afrojack put his Lamborghini Adventador up for sale before bringing home the [brand new] new Bugatti. The Bugatti Chiron is supposedly one of the fastest, if not potentially the fastest car in the world. Afrojack’s Bugatti reaches incredible top speeds of 288 mph and has around 1500 horsepower. Basically, this car kicks ass.

Afrojack is previously known for wrecking his brand new Ferrari 458 Italia, but he seems to be working on changing his ways by keeping his Lambo and this stunning new purchase in one piece.

bugatti chiron