Halloween EDM festivals are becoming increasingly popular every year. With festivals like Escape Halloween and Pier of Fear, ravers everywhere are proving why Halloween is such an important time of year for dance music. With costumes, beautiful weather, and an awesome lineup, any festival can show you an amazing spook-filled time. Fans are searching everywhere to get their EDM fix this Halloween, and where else to look but to Chicago’s Freaky Deaky?

Here are five reasons why Freaky Deaky is going to be Halloween’s best festival to attend this season and why we are super excited to go for the first time.

1. Location

One of the main reasons I’m excited to attend Freaky Deaky this year is because it’s located in the Chicago area, and when is there a better excuse to visit than during the year’s most beautiful and festive season for an EDM festival? The music and arts scene in Chicago is very rich and current, and I can only imagine what influence the city has had on a festival like this. Freaky Deaky is also being held at a new location this year at Toyota Park in Bridgeview, Illinois. This venue is larger and more suitable for a festival of this size.

2. Stages

A simple search on the Freaky Deaky stages from 2014 will show you how spectacular the event truly is. The first time I stumbled upon a picture of the Aragon Ballroom I was amazed. It looked like an EDM festival was being thrown in a 200-year-old theater and it’s hard not to be impressed. I can only hope that they can find a new way to bring the same creepy feel to Toyota Park. Freaky Deaky also has some serious fire sculptures and other Halloween attractions for us.

3. Lineup

The lineup for Freaky Deaky this year is, in one word, eclectic. Of course, the fact that my favorite Oliver Heldens is going to be there does make me a little biased. I appreciate the fact that people like Oliver Heldens are being put into the same lineup as Bassnectar, 2 Chainz, DatsikMac Miller, Borgeous and Griz, this festival is sure to produce sounds that will keep things interesting and will definitely hold my attention.

4. Halloween

Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I’ve never been to a Halloween-themed festival before. At any regular festival I’ve attended before, seeing everyone’s costumes is always exciting and a great way to meet and relate to people. Imagine the fun, exciting idea of observing all the costumes with a dark twist. Everyone is covered in fake blood and creepy clowns and Grim Reapers are roaming the grounds of the festival. The dark and scary side of Halloween is different and intriguing for a festival environment, and with the creativity that I’ve seen from dance music fans, I can only imagine what they will be pulling out of the hat for a Halloween event.

5. After-Parties

Attending the after-parties for a festival in a new city is always exciting to me. Living in Tampa, we have a very interesting nightlife scene and I’m always intrigued to see how other people party around the country. Freaky Deaky after-parties for 2015 are being held at Concord Music Hall, which will be hosting Tchami on Friday and Armin van Buuren on Saturday. The Mid is also hosting an after-party on Saturday with Borgore. If you aren’t looking to spend extra money on an after party ticket, The Mid is holding a free after-party on Friday with Breach & Jackmaster if you RSVP here.

Of course, these are only a few of the reasons we’re extremely excited to attend Freaky Deaky Halloween. There are a lot of Halloween events that Freaky Deaky has to compete with this year, but based on what we know, we have absolutely no doubts that Freaky Deaky will come out on top. If you are interested in attending you still have time to buy your tickets here.